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Add fast MTPL/MOD for your clients

Beesafe clients need just a few seconds to calculate their premiums. Take a quick look at what you gain by adding Beesafe’s MTPL/MOD to your quote and get the “How do Poles choose their insurance policies?” survey report.

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Group 33 Copy MTPL/MOD The Fastest Calculator

Beesafe – where technology meets experience

Beesafe is a technology startup owned by Compensa TU SA and Vienna Insurance Group. It offers MTPL/MOD insurance, innovative products, and optional services. Our brand’s most prominent asset is quickness.

We have the fastest and simplest MTPL/MOD calculator on the Polish market so far. To find out the final cover price, all you need to do is provide the registration number and the owner’s date of birth.

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The fastest deployment ever? Beepossible!

Beesafe offers a fast MTPL/MOD calculator in the B2B2C model.
Based on an “insurance as a service” solution, a ready-to-go API, and an agile team, we can support your sales faster than the usual paperwork requires.

Work with us – just as it suits you best.

Choose a cooperation model that is the best fit for your company.

Group 29 Copy 3 A form to publish on your website A dedicated, tagged link. Affiliation model Your clients buy directly, and your company receives a commission. No need to be an insurance agent! You get: or:
Group 29 Copy 4 A sales platform where your sales forces post policies. Automatic policy mailing to clients; They pay with a BLIK code in a bli(n)k. E-agent model Your profit is the agency commission, VAT excluded! Get access to: and
Group 34 Copy 3 Full integration with your system or application Full speed in integrating processes Full integration Tell us how you wish to integrate with us. Let’s start making money together. On our part: and

We, at Beesafe, know a lot about our clients.

And we generously share this knowledge with our partners.
Together with IQS, we looked at what MTPL/MOD extras are the Poles’ top picks. Leave your contact details and get your survey copy:

Group 55 Survey report “How do Poles choose their insurance policies?”